Tasting Blog: Harvest Blend

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Tasting Blog: Harvest Blend

It's a crisp day here in Vermont, fall is on the way.  Today we are tasting our Harvest Blend.  It is a mix of light roasted Colombia, and medium roasted Sumatra. 

We brewed it in a French Press. The initial smell of the beans are reminiscent of chocolate and cherry's. Once ground the chocolate came to the front.  We ground it coarse, and put it into the french press. After adding the hot water the cherry scent is now what comes to the front. 

After it sat for 4 minutes, and slowly brewed, it was poured into a mug.  The smell of the brewed coffee is again chocolaty, but now it's deeper, almost like a dark chocolate.  The first sip fills up the mouth with a bold flavor, reminding me of the first cup on a crisp fall morning. As it cools, a sweetness can be discovered in the cup, and the cherry scent becomes a dominant flavor. 

Overall it is a slightly bolder coffee, and the hints of sweetness keep it from becoming too deep. It is even and warming.  


Coffee: Organic Harvest Blend (60% Colombia, 40% Sumatra)

Preparation: French Press, 30 grams coffee, 350 ml water, coarse ground


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