Ethiopia Washed Yirgachefe

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Roasted at Light

Tasting notes:  Honey, lemon, orange. 

Do you want something a little different?  This is it, sweet, original in every sense of the word. Yirgacheffe is perhaps one of the most iconic coffee-producing regions in the world. Coffee is produced at extremely high altitudes in iron-rich, acidic soils that create an optimal growing condition for specialty coffee. Washed Yirgacheffes like this one typically have bright, floral cupping profiles. This lot comes to us from relatively small family-owned farms in the Gedeo region of Yirgacheffe, which is named for the people living there. Coffees are washed and then placed on raised beds for even drying. The resulting cup is very much in line with the classic Yirgacheffe profile; bright and floral with a tea-like body.