Russian Coffee (this page for your eyes only)

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Like your coffee to tap into your Russian (or Russophile) soul? Well, we've worked with Brave Coffee here in Vermont to come up with three tasty Russian-inspired blends that make a perfect gift. Buy a bag or a three-month subscription OF ALL THREE! 

 Want more? How about a gift box!  Featuring a bag of each coffee, Silly cow hot chocolate, Nomadic Kitchen Marshmallows, and some La Panciata Biscotti. 


Dark RussianThis highly secret (of course) blend has all the marks, but none of the fingerprints, of a truly influential brew. Robust and rich, almost oligarchic, it resonates with deep, earthy tones redolent of Tolstoy,  dachas, and forest fresh mushrooms. And yet there are also lighter, friendlier notes of fruit and spring flowers, for this, is a coffee to enjoy with friends, Russian friends – they of the deep soul and boundless friendship. This blend is best served with lightly sweetened cookies or mild chocolates, or perhaps with collusion - sorry, infusion - of steamed milk. 

Peter's EspressoThis concoction is high octane and packed with the sort of audacity it takes to found a capital city on a swamp. In short, charged with all the energy, passion, and romance that is St. Petersburg, this is the sort of coffee that Peter the Great drank after discovering the brew in Holland, introducing it to a reluctant Russia in 1720 – exactly 300 years ago. Vested with rich notes of chocolate, citrus, and hazelnut, this bounteous blend – if you pay close attention – may also offer a faint whiff of the Neva River in spring, or of a balmy summer’s evening during White Nights. The perfect accompaniment for biscotti, ponchiki, or blini.

Volga BlendThis new coffee blend is as broad and full-flavored as you’d expect with a name like the Volga. The taste is at once wide and lingering, yet also strong and perhaps even a bit symbolic. A rich, Full City and French Roast blend, our Volga is imbued with all the character of the heartland, yet with a slight kick to keep you on your toes. Kind of like the feeling of suddenly seeing a Viking ship flowing down the Mother Volga in the eleventh century. Or like a picturesque wooden church appearing through the morning mist, perched along the river’s edge. Containing notes of cherry, chocolate, and smoky goodness, this blend is perfect for a cool morning or an after-dinner repast, or really any time you want to get in touch with your inner Volga.