Cold Brew Blend

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It's hot outside, and you need coffee to match your mood.  We have developed our Cold Brew Blend to be that coffee!  A great way to pick you up while cooling you down. A blend of Ethiopia and Brazil

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Chocolate, and Molasses

Roasted at City

Here's what customers are saying:

Sam from Montpelier:  I just made my first batch of cold brew from Brave's cold brew kit I ordered online. I'm a cold brew fanatic, and this is hands down, by magnitudes, the best cold brew I've ever had. I love Brave's cold brew blend and ordered a monthly subscription for it. It's really easy and fun to use the cold brew kit too. The reusable and organic cotton coffee sock is easy as heck to clean and dry and makes me feel a lot better than going through all those paper filters. Anytime, but especially during this pandemic, this is one of those purchases that just makes me feel so happy, especially knowing I'll have the blend delivered to my doorstep every month so I'll always be stocked.